I had asked for prayers for a couple, Pat n Jim.  They are our new neighbors across the creek from our house.  She had been diagnosed with cancer right after we moved in. Well yesterday while Dan and I were at the movies, Jim called and left me a message and said "that mama", his name for her, had past away at noon.  I didn't have much of a chance to get to know her but the times I've visited with him, I can tell he loved her very much.  As soon as Dan and I got home, we went straight over there to visit with him and to make sure he was okay.                                                               
It got me to thinking about how when you meet someone that you fall in love with, you make plans for the future and plans on getting old together and if you're blessed and work very hard at it and your marriage lasts long enough to be at that moment when you have grown old very blessed we are and what a marvelous journey that has been.  Not easy by any means, but a blessing nonetheless, and a feat to be proud of.
I could see in his demeanor that Jim has suffered a huge loss and rightfully-so.  What can you tell or do for someone who has lost the love of their life?
You know the hugs that you get from family members and friends if you're blessed with those?  The hugs that say--don't leave so soon when your visit has gone way too quick or, this is how much I really LOVE you.  Those hugs?  Well when I arrived at Jim's, that's the kind of hug he gave me. It was wonderful and sincere and through that hug I could feel his sorrow and broken heart as well as his gratitude for us being there for him and his wife while they were going thru those hard times. 
Life is short- plain and simple!
Hug away, kiss away, and love away without inhibition. 
Love your family and friends as well as your neighbors and spend time letting them know that you care. If you're married, let that person know each day how much they mean to you and love growing old together.
Life is very short.

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