Bois d' arc

This here is a tree in our backyard that's called "Bodark" here in Texas--mainly because the Indians first used the tree and branches to make their bow and arrows with.
It produces these horse apples that are bumpy and hard as nails but smell like an orange.  While they aren't edible for us, horses love them.  They grow as big as a grapefruit and turn a bright yellow-green color.  I had never seen or heard of this tree before but while doing some research on it found that settlers used the tree stumps for fencing and posts.  It is known to be very durable and some homes that had foundations built with it are over 100 years old and still totally intact. It started producing the fruit back in early June and are still as strong and hard as when they first came out.
The root produces a yellow dye prized by the Indians. The trunk bark produces tannin used for tanning hide.
A pretty resourceful tree! 
Just wanted to share.

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