4th of July- let freedom ring loudly!

At the memorial service for Robert Byrd, Bill Clinton said that this man had a stint with the KKK because..."he was a country boy who did so to be elected into office and that every good person would do the same." NOT!  And those attending applauded him.  Why?
Obama has allowed the Justice Dept to file a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for their law on immigration. Not only that but Mexico is filing a suit against Arizona as well. They can do that?  Mexico who has a stiff law themselves against any foreigners.  He doesn't think that our US borders are a priority but ask that to anyone who lives near a border if they're safe.
Elena Kagan can not answer yes or no pertaining to whether she believes that Americans have inalienable rights.  Do you think she's worthy of taking the senate seat?
Do you believe that those in office aren't out to do away with the foundation of our constitution.  We had all better wake up if we think that our governing bodies aren't aware of the direction their taking our country in.  The undoing of all that our forefathers set out to do, our soldiers who have fought for our freedoms and those that have been worthy of leading this once great nation.
The media says what they want us to believe, they're biased and rightly so.  We have allowed for this to go on for far too long.  Do I still believe that God is in control?  Yes--and HE is trying to wake us up.  Just look around and pay close attention.  The things that are happening are not happening without reason or purpose.  Even when it comes to the radical idealogy of some.
There are those out there trying to suffocate not only our spirit but worse...our voices...and you can quote me on that!
Will we allow that to go on?  While you enjoy the 4th, don't take for granted what so many have died for.  Have a voice and let's take back this great nation of ours!

ps- you can begin by adding your name to the committee to protect our borders here!

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