signs to look for in a sluggish dog

When we were making arrangements for our doggy while planning our recent trip...we decided to take her to our new neighbor vet doctor.  He did some tests after finding that her gums were a little irritated (which we hadn't noticed).  Dan n I had also noticed since moving that she had slowed down some and wasn't jumping up on the bed, etc like she typically did or didn't chase after the squirrels like she likes to.  He found that she had fluid in her lungs and an enlarged ♥.  So she is now on medications and looks to be much happier.  Since I am not an animal expert, there are so many things I take for granted and don't know what to look for in change of behavior patterns.
Mollie Lou Melon is 14 yrs old and has been a VERY special dog.  When I was a kid I was attacked by a large dog and had been afraid of them all my life, that is until she came into my life.  Then my daugthers dog Damien has helped as well.  With that said, I plan to take better notice in how she acts, feels and reacts from now on.  They truly do become a member of the family and are so dedicated that we have to care for them just as we do ourselves.  So keep an eye on your pet!

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