KC with our sweets!

After I got back from my girl's trip, Dan n I went to KC to visit Sarah.
Here's a collection of pics from our trip and also of Landon's place out at his farm.  We had a great time fishing, shooting and spending time together.  Sarah went canoeing with Damien (her dog) and Azriel (Landon's niece).  Then onto the 4 wheeler. 
Dan did some fishing along with Landon's dad and Sarah and I fixed Mexican food for everyone.  And, Sarah and I got some antiqueing and shopping done.
I do believe Dan had a great Father's Day minus Jacob being there. 
Thank you Sarah and Landon for showing us a great time!


Belle Jaeger said...

So my daughter corrected me on the difference between a dirt bike and 4 wheeler and called me a "crazy city woman"! LOL

SEJaygurr said...

Well, if the shoe fits...