This is a picture of Rockwall, TX. The day was lovely when I was travelling on hwy 30 into this quaint and love-at-first-sight city. For me anyways! Over much mulling and debating on what town we would soon be calling home, we have 95% decided on this charming town. I think first impressions are everything and when I first visited this place it brought a smile to my face.
To quote Thomas Kinkade..."your home is your welcoming world. Your anchor, the resting place for your heart."
Hence, I have renamed my blahg --Belle's Cottage Nest because in the passed few months we have had many changes in our "nest" and I'm sure, more to come. But we are anxious to lay some roots down here and that makes me happy. Home means someone waiting, to give you a welcome smile. My first reaction of Rockwall was... a smile!
Now we just need to find the perfect house. we come!

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