Pastie Day

Hooray for Friday! It is kinda gloomy out although the sun is trying to come out. I'm planning on making Granny's Pasties with prosciutto wrapped asparagus on the side for dinner tonight and then have movie night afterwards. For those of you that don't know what a pastie is, it's the equivalent to what we Valley-people know as an empanada. This one however is filled with cubed steak, potato, onion and the carrots are optional. They are wonderful, a nice change from your traditional main dishes and smell so good baking! My mother-n-law is a wonderful cook and this is just one of the many dishes of hers that I love. Now I can't say the same for her boiled dinner or split pea soup! I can't get passed the name and color of those! LOL
She shared her recipe for the pasties years ago and have made them on several occassions but I sure have a craving for them today. So on my way to the grocery store and then taking Mollie Lou for a run around the lake before I work on a clients design. Happy Friday and great weekend to all!

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