just a thought...

On January 24th I went to church at Bay Area one last Sunday before our move. I received lots of well-wishes for Dan and I's new journey and lots of great hugs as well as meeting up afterwards for lunch with some of the group. It brought back some wonderful memories that we had made along the way with these great friends, actually more like family. But while I was hesitant to say bye-I was comforted by many of the lovely sentiments, especially the one that really stuck with me..."there are people I've met along the way that I just as soon would like to have forgotten but then there are those that I will never forget because of the difference they have made in my life. You will always hold that place in my heart." That's when the waterworks started running. How I will miss him! This wonderful person has richly blessed not only me but my family through the years, so I comforted myself by thinking... we live in this wonderful world full of technology that can keep us connected... and I sure hope we do.

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