Moving day

Well, Dan and I made it to Dallas Friday evening after some long days of packing and loading the moving truck with the help of Jake and Glenn---THANK YOU, THANK YOU n thank you!!! Had many moments of wanting to cry when Dan kept telling me we couldn't take it all and that we would have to get rid of things. So in my creative way of wanting to share my belongings that I couldn't just toss... I spread items out on the floor and had all the neighborhood ladies come over at 5:30 on Thursday and pick what they wanted and the rest went to the women's shelter store. We ended up having to rent a small storage unit in Angleton to store some items and we will have to return to pick those up next month. But we made it safely and woke up early Saturday morning (me, under the weather), and met up with our dear friend Lynn and two movers that were well worth the cost to help us unload everything into a storage unit until we find a "home" here.
When we got back to the apartment I went straight to bed after lunch. Woke up this morning feeling a little better so I started sorting thru boxes and mounds and made a pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner. The apartment will soon start looking orderly.
Whew...just glad this part is over and I am so happy to be with my honey again.

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