Dan the man

My husband has been involoved with CASA (a court appointed child advocate), for many years because of his love for children. During his involvement with this organization, he learned about BACA. BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse. This is an awesome group of men and women who also serve to protect children and their families from abuse but in a different way. When Dan learned of this group, he made it a goal of his to become a member (something that is not taken lightly by the organization). So, after countless hours of volunteering, a year of riding with them and meeting all other criteria, he was welcomed as a new member of the organization last night. It was my first time to attend a function or be around these members and while they appear intimidating at first, they are the most selfless, committed, dedicated and inspiring group of people I have ever been around. I was blown away!

I don't like to brag, and I know that I married a wonderful man that has always given much of his time to others-- especially kids, but to have been around Dan and this group last night, sure made me even prouder of him.
While it was an important moment for Boo, for me - it was amazing to be a part of, if only for that moment. Way to go Babe!

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