how awesomely classic are these?

with summer right around the corner, my thoughts turn to the beach, water, beach and more beach. Meaning swimwear, sand & sun. Growing up by South Padre Island apparently got in my system and I crave those waves, the smell of the ocean, the feel of sand under my feet and of baking in the sun. I started browsing swim apparel and the different styles we have had thru the years and that took me back to a particular time. My sister Dina had bought a tan colored swimsuit. The first time she wore it to the beach, from a distance it looked like she was in the nude--really! We didn't know why the guys were waving her down, whistling like crazy and staring to the point of running into the cars in front of them. It wasn't until someone in our group had gone a distance and came back and said that it looked like she wasn't wearing anything--ha---it was hysterical! Dad didn't think so. Between my sisters & I, we probably could've had quite the vintage collection of swimwear. Ahh summer fun!
So with that said, I came across these fabulous styles from the early 50's that are now classics. Boy have they changed!

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