Friday night lights

Boo and I hadn't been to a Texas high school football game for sometime.  Probably ten years or so.  I had forgotten that one thing...that tends to define Texas so well. 
Texas High School Football Games! 
This one was of course nothing compared to our alma mater, where you have hundreds of fans come out, and everything is BIG, and if you're an out of towner (outta Texas that is), you don't know what the heck just hit you!  Cause I can bet no one does it quite the same anywhere else.
But this time... it was at a very small town, quaint, where you can sit back and access the tiny community and wish for simpler days because everyone is laid back, knows everybody, and they are there to support their kids, neighbors kids, etc.
Regardless of the size, this Texas town didn't let us down!  It was a blast and we enjoyed seeing some of Boo's riding buddies and their daughter participating in the nights events.
Way to go Blue Ridge and thank you for a fun~fun night!

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