featuring a Fall wedding

In a month, my baby girl and my sweet son-in-law will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary!  It's hard to believe that the year has flown by like it has.  In honor of their anniversary, Sweets has given me permission to share the projects that her and I, and others helped make for their beautiful day.  So I will be dedicating each day to "the Wedding" series!
First...let me first introduce you to the couple, their engagement, the beautiful setting for their special day, AND the dress.

the couple
the ring

the place

the dress
Sweets always knew she wanted a Fall wedding and where she wanted to have the wedding.  Add to that having found the man of her dreams, plus her vision of what she wanted her day to be like, and the rest fell into place.
So let's begin...
the beautiful fairytale wedding thru the eyes of the M.O.B.!

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