Bench makeover

freakin' FINALLY! 
That's all I can really say, cause typically when I start a project... I don't let it get away from me.  However, with this Texas heat...good Lord!
Nonetheless,  I finished the little sad wood bench for my neighbor in time for her to
haul it and use it in her new elementary where she will be the new librarian!
This is her - BEFORE.

This is her - AFTER!

The wood was extremely weathered, I replaced a few boards, primed it and it took exactly six coats of paint.  I know that was due partly to the weathering but I can bet my life that the heat had lots to do with it as well!  Erin wanted it a navy blue to match the school colors, and it is, but due to my camera flash it looks more of an ocean blue than navy.
Either way, she certainly looks fab with her little makeover!

ps~ Erin enjoy her- she still has lots of sitting time to give!

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