new gift

my sweet man came home with this gift for me yesterday!
I ♥ HIM! 

Our other drill bit the dust (overworked I'm sure)- it was a DeWalt but was always too heavy for me...this one is lighter (hubby considered that) and seems to fit in my hand way better.  I will let you know how it functions for me.

He knows how much I love to piddle around, make small home improvements, work on crafts, etc.  And these last few months haven't been idle.  So far I am redoing our back deck (pics later), hung giant antique windows in our living room, rearranged pieces (I do this frequently), am refinishing a wood bench for my neighbor.
See what shape she was in?  I will post a pic of her when I'm done.  Then I will start on my much anticipated king size headboard!
So my handy dandy drill will be very happy in this home!
She's in pretty sad shape!

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