the hawaiian salt story

Something sweet about life are the people that find a place in yours.  (Belle quote)

When we made our move here to our current home, one of the things I dreaded was leaving the wonderful people that had become a blessing in our lives.  Of course I knew that in time I would make friends and meet awesome people but, it's still something I think we all worry about.  Mainly because we are creatures of habit and down deep inside none of us really like to let go of things that make us comfortable and secure.  Friends do that for us, don't they?  Well, during our short time here, I have made some wonderful new friends and I can't imagine my life without them.  In their own way they have come to make a difference in my life.
(Don't get me wrong, I still miss my BFF's,  neighbors, and ex-coworkers terribly)!
But sometimes it is just so nice to know that a FRIEND can do something "just because" and surprise you with their kindness that you find yourself, well...counting your blessings.
So here's a text between a sweet friend and I yesterday...
Her: "put Hawaiian salt on front porch"
Me: "what's the significance?" (thinking that she had literally sprinkled salt on her front porch) duh! She is Hawaiian after all and I thought maybe that was some kind of custom.
Minutes later (and before she can text back to my stupid reply), Boo walks in and says.. "I found this on the front porch" (pic above).  I died laughing and Boo just looks at me like I'm a freak (well, the usual look he gives me..lol).
But these two ladies that have taken such a warm place in my life have been such a sweet surprise and a reminder that God really works in my life daily.  I count all my friends as gifts.  Ones, that pleasantly surprise me, make me happy, smile and more than anything...enrich my life!  I hope that I in return, have been a welcomed blessing in their lives.
Not being familiar with Hawaiian salts, I decided to look up info on it.  What I found was that among other things, it is prized because of it's natural form and purity.  Huh?  That put a smile on my face, because the friend that gave that to me, did that out of pure kindness and because that is her natural instinct.
My hopes are that YOU too have been richly blessed with a beautiful gift, such as friends and that we  acknowledge them with sweet surprises- once in awhile.

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