Haven't posted for awhile...been doing some travelling and such.

Travelled to Austin recently to spend time with one of my favorite guys! 
My trips there are always fun and you never know the extent of fun one's going to have. 
This was no exception!
 When I made it into town I met up with Jacob on Congress and headed over to have a layed back lunch at Hopdoddy's. (Fab btw)
Followed by a stroll thru downtown and running into friends of his (geeze, everywhere we go- he knows someone, wonder where he gets that from)!
Then it's over to check into my little cute, quaint cottage I reserved for my visit.  Drop off stuff and head to his place to pick his stuff up so he can stay with me (a small rnr for him as well).
Back to the cottage, visit and head to dinner at Mr. Natural where I experienced my first taste of tofu mole enchilada's. Yep, those friends and family of mine that know REAL MEXICAN food, (I know you're sayin'..."have you lost your stinkin' mind" because that can't possibly be any good)!  Well of course my first taste was the rice and I did wrinkle my nose, to which Jacob says..."well, I am afraid that the Perez ladies have set a pretty high bar on Mexican food, because of their exceptional cooking skills." Truth be told!
Then came a bite of the enchi's, which in all honesty were the best part of the meal.  Glad I did try them!  Now I can mark it off my!
A quick walk around Zilker and then it was back to the cottage where we talked it up, listened to some of  Jacob's new tunes and...
Jacob started coughing cause he swallowed a bug that flew right into his mouth.  I couldn't stop laughing and when he stopped coughing he says..."is it me, or are there a bunch of bugs in here?"  I had noticed several bugs but didn't think anything of it.  But as we both looked around, the rooms were being invaded by river knats.  There was a crack in a window and they were coming in thru there.  Jacob tried closing it but it was jammed pretty bad.  We stuffed it with paper towels and it didn't help. A half hour later it was pretty unbearable with bugs flying around, we had to vacate the cute, adorable cottage!  I called the tenant but I wasn't able to reach him, so we turned to plan B.  At 11:35 I was finally checked into a sweet hotel---I slept like a baby!
My trip continued (with other stories I won't share right! Jacob and I cooked for the guys at their place, then I talked him into going to the Continental Club for a chance of a lifetime to go listen to Bob Dorough.  This little guy is a living legend, played with Miles Davis, Blossom Dearie and so many other fine musicians that are since gone.  He is 88 and played from midnight to 2 in the morning!  What 88 year old does that?
Needless to say, Jacob was thrilled and even had a chance to shake hands and get an autograph.  The rest of the trip was full of adventure, fun and wonderful chats.  Jacob has been doing awesomely and writing some of the best music he has in years.  So proud of the guy!
I sure love my kids and spending time with them!

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