I've recently marked my 4th year of blogging and it's hard to believe that it has been that long since I started.  My purpose was mainly a way to keep my extended family updated on what's happenin' in our lives. Since we are all scattered around and about, I figured it would be easier to write daily occurences vs trying to remember them! LOL
Something I've learned while blogging is that I really enjoy writin'! You know when they say that journaling helps to express what you're feelin' or goin' thru?  Well, it really helps!  But, I also love sharin' recipes, projects that I get inspired to do and of course sharin' my families little accomplishments and whatnots!
While I love to share the highlights at times I also feel the need to write about events that take place that might not be considered a highlight.  In light of the recent losses we have experienced in our family, while difficult and sad, we know that life goes on and we learn, we share with others our experiences and hopefully help others that experience the same trials.  And, we carry on.
Sometimes we don't know what tomorrow brings but with each day I choose to make it great.  I am an overall happy and blessed person and more than anything in life, I love being a mother to my kids and a wife to my good man and I hope you can see that thru my writing.
Thank you for following and thank you for reading!  I hope to keep blogging for many more years or, as long as I have things to share!  God bless.


Kathy said...

Thanks to YOU for the blog - I enjoy keeping up with some of what's going on with y'all too!

Belle Jaeger said...

Kathy thank you for reading and commenting! It helps to know I'm not writing without readers! Hugs