35 minute project

Decided to start my Saturday by doing a little project!  I like my world and surroundings "uncluttered", including my desktop!
So I decided to make a tray to contain my stapler, tape dispenser and storage for pens or clips.
So look below at my 35 minute project!

the "keeper" of all my small scraps of scrapbook paper for other projects...I don't like to chunk 'em

vintage paper lace I purchased over 17 yrs ago on clearance

recycling an empty Republic of Tea container

cap cover showing scoring for folding over

purchased a frame on clearance and removed the back stand and then decoupaged a variety of print paper under the glass
What you will need:
8x10 frame
scraps of printed papers
ribbon for trimming
container or vege can
glue stick
hot glue gun
modge podge
foam brush

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