harvesting fresh herbs

I recently posted about planting herbs for the season, so I wanted to give you an update.  I'm pretty sure that due to the wonderful showers we've had recently, all of the herbs are thriving.  I have never had them look so healthy, green and fresh.  Perhaps South Texas just gets a little too warm for them and now that we're in North Texas, the region agrees with them more.   I don't know, just my speculation here!
I've been doin' some research online for better growing tips and Pinterest offers some good herb gardening tips.  But, it looks like the cooler atmosphere pleases them tremendously!

The Cilantro was growing at a crazy pace so I went out and trimmed off quite a bit.  I took my kitchen shears and just started cutting, starting with the taller stalks and then continued til I got the majority of the growth. I read that if you do it this way, new growth will develop quickly and replenish itself.  (Hope that's true)!

The Basil was next.  Harvest by snipping off the top leaves each time.  They tend to promote new growth faster this way. (I'd been doing it wrong all these years-sheesh)!  What did we ever do without the internet???

The Mint... well, mint is pretty aggressive.  There really isn't a strict method for it.  I have found mint to be pretty resilient and a fast grower.  I just like to snip leaves off, rinse in cold water and add to my iced tea.  So very refreshing & sooooo Southern!

Here's a look at my collection for the day.
fresh cilantro

fresh basil

fresh mint

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