stupid is...

So you've heard me post about Mollie Lou being sick with liver cancer and she hasn't been doing too well.  Well it has been really hard for me.  I consider myself to be a pretty strong person and I don't cry at the drop of a hat.  But the fact that this has been our real 1st family dog and she has been with us for 15 1/2 years, well...you know you get pretty attached. Dan and I have discussed possibly putting her down because we don't want to see her suffer.  But, he know that really bothers me.  After seeing her cry and sad---today Dan called the vet and when the Doc said it was time, Dan had a hard time with it as well.  So that has been bothering me- cause she's not getting better and I cried. 
When I got home from work, I decided to fix Italian for dinner---spaghetti & bruschetta (I'm not an Italian food lover)---all the garlic and such, but Dan loves it.  It was great... but...Dan's mom called to tell us our aunt had passed away at, she had been ill awhile.  She was a wonderful woman--best aunt ever!  So, tears come back again.
I made some phone calls and sat and reflected on both of these precious lives, etc.  So after a bit I decided to make some pretzel bites (all the rave on Pinterest) and Sar had made some for Landon and they looked amazing----I thought, a little sweet something would make me a little happy.  So in the kitchen I go and prepare them, but while sprinkling them with what I thought was cinnamon- I smell garlic.  Yep---I grabbed the wrong container and once again we have GARLIC!  Dan's a happy man (he loved em)---Belle's still sad!

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