Yesterday I was totally motivated after a full's day work and made 2 different kind of cookies, a large pot of corn soup and diced ingredients for another dish for a Christmas reception.  I am ♥'g my Cuisinart Prep Machine---it is amazing!!!
I decided to use it to make some ladyfinger cookies.  Let me give you a bit of a background on these little awesome-delish-heavenly bites.  I can remember my older sisters making these many years ago and thru the years.  My sister Angie makes the most amazing ones of all.  So amazing that each time I tried to make them I was totally intimidated by not reaching that level of superior taste and mouthwatering decadence, that mine failed in comparison so badly n sadly.  And to top it all off--Dan was totally overcome by Angie's cookies!  Each Christmas our drive home from the Valley is filled with memories of Dan AND the car interior being covered in powdered sugar because sis always made it a point (and a very sweet point), of gifting him with a container filled with HIS cookies.  He LOVES her ladyfinger cookies!!!
Well, it has been so long since we have made it home for Christmas that Dan hasn't gotten his cookies and I thought I should give it a go once again.  VOILA!  They were amazing---still not as delish but they are so great I even had a couple and really enjoyed them.

I made the entire batch in my prep machine and it did very well.

ha...he looks like Santa in casual attire here!  But the main thing...Dan loved 'em!
Woo hoo!!!

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Belle Jaeger said...

I have to add that Dan just stopped me and said...those cookies are the best! (He didn't know I was blogging about him). I said, tell me the truth- are they as awesome as Angie's? His reply, "YES."
WOW!!! Sorry sis- I'm sure he said it just cause he wanted to have some more. LOL