We had a lovely family come stay with us this weekend...and they had the most adorable 4 year old twins!  I wouldn't have minded-had they stayed longer.  We forget how amazing children can be cause we really are never around them.  Well I should say, I'm not.  Dan is almost every weekend.
When they arrived, Jay (the boy) asked if Dan was Santa's brother...cute right?
So they truly believed that was the case, especially when I called Santa on the phone and they insisted on talking to him.  We even purchased a (groupon) talk with Santa for them.
Here are some of my favorite quotes from them:
  • Daddy, you know why I love you?  Cause you smile at me.
  • Boo, tell me you have presents for me...please say yes!
  • Could I stay here with you forever?
  • Mollie smiled at me...did you see that?
  • Can you call your brother (Santa) and tell him we are being good? be kids again!

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