Y'all know that my "sweets" is an elementary teacher.  While she loves teaching, this year has been a huge struggle for her.  However, I maintain that this is her calling.  Since day one that she entered the classroom, she has been an influence to her students in a way that only she could.  I pray everyday for her, her students, and her calling and while I know there are times we are put in difficult situations, I know that if we truely believe- GOD is there with us.
This is a perfect testimony of my belief. 

I am so very proud of you darlin' and the difference (that at times you might not even know), that you are making in the lives of these little humans.  Continue to do your best and trust in HIM to guide and direct your every move.

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T. Simon said...

What a wonderful note and testament from that parent. Being a teacher myself, I can tell you that those are few and far between. You're daughter must be an amazing teacher and I am so happy to hear that she takes the time out to communicate with her parents. Trust me, in the long run, it all pays off. Good for her and her committment to being an excellent teacher-we need more like her!