aging Mollie Lou

so Mollie lou melon (our poochie) is 15 and maybe you dog-lovers can offer some advice on aging dogs but geeze louise...she is becoming very per-snippetty!  I have tried so many new dog foods cause she doesn't want to eat any of them.  She has recently started getting into everything (like beer bread the other day, then glazed pecans) and then she invaded the food pantry and wiped out about 15 bacon strip dog treats (of Damien's). She has NEVER in the 15 yrs we've had her--done that!
Then she wakes up constantly at night and prances back and forth to the door and Dan (being the light sleeper he is), gets up to let her out or to try to shut her.  Since we have wood floors--you can imagine the clicking from her prancing! Hence, I am trying this...
Bahhhha!  I found some baby socks at the store and I thought..."why not!"  I will keep you posted on whether we get a good night's sleep tonight. But please let me know what I can do or expect with an aging dog.  PLEASE!!!!

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