beautiful Thanks!

Had a wonderful trip and most wonderful Thanksgiving.  We missed Jacob being with us this year but from what I hear, he had a wonderful time as well.  We travelled north to share in the "Burke" Thanksgiving for the second year in a row.
  • Tuesday...trip there with Dan and even Mollie Lou Melon got to go with us!
  • Stopped at the Enchanted Frog Antiques (cuz I ♥ antiques) in Lathrop, MO! Bought some old linens to wrap some salsa for gifting!
  • Arrived and enjoyed the evening with the newlyweds!

(the gifts the kids brought us from their honeymoon)...geeze they are so thoughtful n sweet!

  • Wednesday... Sarah and I went grocery shopping then got back to farm to make our way to Jamestown, MO to visit their shops and bakery.  Picked up a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving day and some other wonderful goodies.
  • Had fun visiting some Amish shops!

Sweets paying for her purchases!

Homemade cards (AWESOME)!!!

Yogurt being sold on the outside sidewalk of store...hmmm, must be cool enough up there to get away with that!
  • Thursday... while the kids slept in, Dan and I went for a stroll on the farm with Mollie Lou.  Who by the way can no longer hear and has trouble seeing.  She kept wandering away and getting tangled in the rambling bushes and even got brave enough to wander into one of the ponds and walk along the waters edge!
  • We all pitched in and cooked a lovely dinner for 4!

  • Friday...went over to the Burke's in town for our 2nd annual Thanksgiving there.  We had a lovely time, ate...played games...visited...ate...repeat, repeat!

Here we all are!
Thank you BURKE'S for another wonderful time and thank you Landon & Sarah for having us over! muah~

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