baby girl

~a special week indeed~
this week marks a very special time for my baby girl.  I can't believe how time has flown, the years have passed and now she's grown.  I've told myself that I'll be strong and writing has always helped me, so hence the posts.  I figure by the time Saturday makes it debut, I will be good to go.
So a few things about my Sar:
I wanted her to be independent---n boy, is she!  So independent that I thought she would never settle down, but along came this wonderful guy that between them they have so many of the same similarities and dreams that you can't help but laugh and say, "God, you have the most amazing sense of humor!"
  • She loves the woods
  •  country living
  • trees
  • children
  • guns
  • anything that goes fast
  • the ocean
  • family
  • laughing
  • teaching
  • Texas
  • her brother
  • her God
  • n candy
I thank God for the good man he set aside just for her.  He has the same values, strong family upbringing, belief in God and loves her very much. A parent can ask for nothing else than a good companion for their children, and God has done just that.  When Saturday rolls around, I hope to be giving THANKS to our God for this wonderful blessing not just for Sarah but for us as well.

my "Day One" post to diddle - although not my words but good advice, nonetheless...

love, momma

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