mother of the bride

Yesterday my two dear friends, Melanie & Katie took me shopping for the "Mother of the Bride" dress.  We started out by having a fun lunch at one of my new favorite cafe's...Whiskey Cake.  Then it was off to WillowBend to shop at Neiman Marcus, and some other spectacular shops.  But it wasn't until we got to Terry Costa's that I found the dress that I was searching for.
It came down to 2 fabulous dresses but lucky for me, Mel and Katie were so helpful and helped me decide on the amethyst vs the olive colored dress.
When I got home, I ordered the perfect shoes to go with the sweet dress!
Thank you ladies for helping make memories with me!
Then today- Dan and I headed over to Men's Wearhouse where he got measured for his tux. 
I swear, a total of 20 minutes and done!  Why can't womens search for dresses be that effortless?
Regardless, he will look amazing and this just serves to remind us that our baby girl will be getting married in just a few weeks and we will be gaining a wonderful new son!
Blessings abound~

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