summer heat

It's hot!  Hotter than Haiti's!!!
But that doesn't slow Dan down.  He loves working in the yard and doing and doing and doing.  Even though it's been in the 100's lately- he keeps going. If it's not on the cars, bike or house it's definitely in the yard! Crazy Man!!!
We've been having a great summer with Sarah visiting. Her and I have planned for the wedding, caught some great movies, manicures, lunch dates, etc.  Friday was a fun-filled day.  Her and I went to Dillard's to pick out dinnerware for the wedding registry, had lunch at Christina's at Firewheel, stopped off at World Market (one of our fav stores), then home to wait for Dan to get off work.  Then it was the new Transformer flick (awesome btw), dinner at Carino's and home to play a couple of hours of tennis on wii. awesome day!

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