guardians step up

With all of the media repeatedly focusing on the Anthony trial - I am so glad I don't watch TV. It's sickening that there are people out there that do bad things to others especially their own.  But I wish more people would step up and help in these situations.
This is a stolen comment that my sweet husband posted on fb after that verdict. He rides with BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and is one of my favorite people. Not only because he's my husband of 30 yrs or because he's a wonderful Father to his own kids, but he is a wonderful man that cares for other little humans that don't have anyone to turn to. And, I wish there were hundreds more just like him that would be willing to put others before themselves, especially in the name of babies and children.
You too can help be a voice --a guardian--just step out in faith!

"There are kids out there that need empowerment. There are kids out there that are scared and need to know there are people out there willing to take a bullet to protect them. It's time to ride. Think it's too hot? How hot was it for the... child that was killed by it's mother in the oven? Think it's too wet to ride? How wet was it for the child that was drowned by an angry boyfriend. Think you hurt when the ride is over? How hurt was the little girl after mom beat her for wetting her pants? It's time to ride. It's time to get the word out that we ride in the cold, heat, rain, and snow. It's time to get the word out that we ride for a reason."

Ride on baby and continue being a guardian of the little ones.

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