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Our family ♥'s music!!! All kinds! Well, I'm not including rap, cause I don't classify THAT as music, at least not when you put them up against Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Bill Evans, Louis Armstrong---(you get the picture), but the list goes on and on.

I decided the other day that since we love music as much as we do, life is too short not to see more of our living legends in music before they pass on. That's MY new goal anyways! So yesterday Dan and I went to a George Jones (80 yrs) concert in Oklahoma. It was phenominal! Sorry the picture sucks:(
A lady sitting next to us tapped me on the arm and said--did you come see George Jones? "Yes m'am", I replied. Then she goes on to tell me that she had just come with friends and she never really knew of George Jones. WHAT??? She was in her late 70's about and had never heard of GJ? She looked at me kinda strange by my reaction...which I laugh at now, cause the thought that came crawling thru my mind was...."did she live in a hole all these years?" So then I continued to tell her how I love music and how we intend on seeing all the greats before they leave us cause God knows I would've loved to have seen Armstrong, Davis, Elvis, etc.!

The show ended up being fantastic, with a full house and people in their 20's and 30's being so impressed that this living legend did such a fantastic job even at his age. And, what is it about legendary country performers that makes them stay so classy ---and well -respecting?

Others on my list:                 Others I've seen:
willie nelson (78 yrs)                       merle haggard (74 yrs) (all time fav) x2
ray price (85 yrs)                             george strait x2
charlie pride  (73 yrs)                      don williams (72 yrs) x1 (and again in October)
Of course there's other genre of musician's I would love to see before they pass on, so in the meantime I will keep searching for upcoming concerts that I don't want to miss!

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