Joplin, example of the true American spirit

Landon got sent to Joplin, MO with work to assess the damage from the tornadoes and then Sarah went to visit him there for the weekend.  Here is a video that Landon shot as he drove around town.  Landon has seen many a ravaged area throughout the U.S. and displaced people but said that of everywhere he has ever been sent, these people have been a true testament and inspiration of character.  Both of them said the devastation is not done any justice on the tele or pics.
None of the people would accept the $5000 being offered on the spot.  They all said that there were people worse off then them and and that they would wait for their claims to come thru.  These are people who have lost it all.  A wonderful testimony that there are still outstanding people out there that think of others before self and are thankful to just be alive.

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