the Burke wedding planning continues...
Sweets n I have been having so much fun planning for her special day!  I'm just honored that she's letting me have some input and help, that I'm lovin' it!!!
However, it sure does help that she has had so many wonderful ideas and plans creatively stored in her little mind for many years, down to the very last detail. 
And, it's going to make for a precious day!
In many ways, I'm excited that she's non-traditional when it comes to her wedding, because this day is going to be quite "ju-nique!"  We've even come up with her very own wedding style-theme!
But things have sure changed since I planned for my own wedding 30 years ago.  We've done late night  phone calls, skypeing & texting (that wasn't around back then), and then there was the cake-testing.  WOW!  I had to call my mother-in-law and tell her she had denied me of that moment cause she made our wedding cake.  To which she said..."we didn't have cake-testing back then either!" LOL
Sar (aka SugarBritches), loved that part the most so far!
  • date
  • location
  • venue
  • the dress
  • theme
  • colors
  • photographer
  • musician's
  • cake
~and with 8 months to go~
I think we're doing pretty good!

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