mes del amor

  • 13th Mom n Dad's anniversary
  • 14th Valentine's Day
  • 15th my birthday

Dad n Momma
February...the month of LoVe!
Mom n dad, got married in February, and as I reflect on Valentine's Day and my birthday, I was thinking about how thankful I am to be in this place, this time, with the experiences and memories that have come about in my journey and wonderful life. 
Thankful also, for the fact that mom and dad fell in love and gave me that gift.
Every year that I call Jacob to wish him a happy birthday- he tells me, "thank you for giving me life."
I too am thankful for life!
And even though I have happily reached, and ever so quickly passed the

marker...and so has

and so have

my age has not been something I dwell over. 
I'm just thankful to be here, to be alive, happy, blessed and loved!
And, life really does get better after 50!
I believe that happy people are so, because of the culmination of  LoVe they've had in their lives. 
Beit given and/or received by family, friends and knowing God.
You can't go wrong with that combination!

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