trip to Paris

Dan came home the other day and asked me if I'd like to go to Paris..."duh, I said."  Well, what he actually meant was for me to ride over to Paris, TX with him today for a fundraiser.  I wasn't upset that it wasn't the actual Paris, especially when he told me what it was for.  You see in October, a mom in that small community orchestrated a plan, one in which she planned to take away everything precious to her estranged husband.   They were going thru a bitter divorce and he had filed for full custody of their precious 10 yr old boy.
Mom shot the little boy, drove to the estranged husbands home and shot the husbands friend and then returned home to hold her son in her arms while he lay there dying and then succeeded in killing herself.
The little boy miraculously survived that fatal shot to the head.  He is doing amazingly!  And today when I met him, I saw God's amazing power in action.  This little man has overcome a lot and today some awesome people in that tiny community came together to help him.
While we may not know what the future holds for him, it will be good and he will know through todays testimonies, that he is not alone on this journey and that God has not only shown himself to him, but to so many others that have witnessed this living miracle.
On our way home, I told Dan that while I'm too soft for situations where little humans have been hurt (physically or mentally), I am so glad that he and the rest of BACA can do what they do.  Being a presence and someone that they can trust and look up to while protecting them from further harm.
God has put beautiful people on this earth that have the ability to touch and minister to children in a grand way and I am so proud to be married to one of them.  Dan constantly thanks me for allowing him to spend his weekends being a child advocate. But it's me that's thankful for his willingness to serve the little angels out there.
I can't hold the tears back each time I think of  when we first arrived at the benefit and the grandmother introduced us to that little boy.  Those burly bikers knelt in front of that child to be at eye level with him and tell him they were there to serve him.
Can't help but think how God smiles down upon them each time they set out to do what they do, those warriors for children.
God speed~
ps~ if you're on facebook and are willing to pay it forward yourself...go to
Hit the "LIKE" button on their page and they will donate $2 to help that little guy with his medical expenses
for each hit they receive.

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