Great weekend

Had a great weekend! Started out with a movie (Secretariat) and dinner with Dan. Loved the movie and recommend it if you haven't seen it. Then Saturday it was housecleaning and laundry while Dan helped with the CASA run fundraiser then it was off to the Bike store. Dan wanted to buy me some leathers so when I ride with him during the cold months I will be warm. Well I totally embarassed Dan when the owner came over and asked if we needed help and I asked if he carried anything with cleaner lines and enhancing features and a little more! You should've seen the look on his face and he went on to explain that it's about protection and not making a fashion statement. To which I replied, "everything is about making a fashion statement." Dan was sooooo emabarassed and I loved it!
We then went to meet up with our dear friends (the Rockwood's) for dinner at Texas Roadhouse and dessert at their place.
Sunday we did some more work around the house, took a ride on the bike to Caddo Mills, Royce City, Fate & Greenville and then home to grill steaks and enjoy Glenn's company when he came over for a visit. Weather was ideal!

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