don't fall asleep during a pedicure

So the other day I went to get a pedicure and because I was having a difficult time with allergies and on meds, I was sleep deprived and exhausted. I remember sitting in the very comfy chair with the massager going on and telling my Nancy that I wanted black nail polish and mentioned..." yeah, getting ready for Halloween."  I fell asleep and this is what I woke up to...
Anybody who knows me, knows this is not Belle and I would never have wanted spider webs and jack-o-lanterns on my toes but it was hysterical and I laughed so hard when I got in the car. Nancy of course was loving her artwork and was showing it off to others (which is why I woke up) and she kept asking.."you like?"  So don't ever fall asleep during a pedicure unless you make it a point to explain what you're wanting.
OMG...still laugh everytime I see this picture!

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