Out with the OLD in with the NEW

Good morning to you all!  Here in Texas it's hot n humid but there is an ever so slight breeze - if you can catch it!  Well I finally retired my Oster Mixer/Food Processor/Blender/IceCream maker after 26 years.  It was on it's last run and boy did I get my money's worth outta that baby!  The #1 use for it was for making my homemade salsa, then came countless birthday cakes and cupcakes, along with endless shredding of veges and then the ice cream maker...peach made by my daughter being the best. I found it only fitting that it's last assignment was making me one last batch of salsa for the family to enjoy.
The sweet hubby, being the best that he is, well that, and he likes my cooking..bought me my new kitchenaid.  There's a tradition in my "circle of friends" and that is when one of our kids gets married, their gift from us is a kitchenaid mixer.  Neither of my kids has gotten married and boy does my daughter hold true to that day when she will get her mixer...lol!  Seriously the day I got mine and I told her about it, her response was..."you didn't get married."  My reply, "well I surely didn't have you out of wedlock."  She didn't say anything else. LOL!

So here's my new baby and I went with the onyx one--altough it was a difficult choice since they have so many pretty colors.

My first recipe to use with my mixer was berry muffins-which I will post later on.  It worked beautifully and felt a little guilty that I liked it so much.  I'd like to know what YOUR favorite recipe is to fix with your kitchenaid and if you would share I will link you back to your blog or give you credit here at Belle's Cottage.
Happy trails Oster~you rocked for many years!

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