best BBQ in KC

When we were planning our recent trip to KC to visit our daughter, her dad asked her what she had planned for us to do.  "Well", she said... "we MUST go eat bbq."  So our first stop was to her favorite place Oklahoma Joe's.  This was our virgin-visit and I have to agree with Sar that the bbq was pretty good for not being a Texas BBQ place.
Dan and I tried the bbq sandwich while Sar on the other hand, ate her weight in ribs.  I swear...I have NEVER seen that girl eat so much in her entire life!  It was a delight to visit with her but I keep replaying that picture of her devouring those ribs while her dad kept saying, "I can't believe you're eating so much!"  LOL
Our Texas girl in ♥  with KC bbq, imagine that!


Jane said...

I love good BBQ!!! We have a place just down the road from us that is pretty good and we are glad about that.
You asked how I found out about magicjack. I actually saw a commercial on TV. You can google it and read about it. We still have our land line and we are going to keep it a little while. We are going to be out of the country for about three weeks so we will really give it a try when we get home!

Belle Jaeger said...

Jane do keep me posted on the magicjack when you get back and safe travels!