Moving chaos

this is how I feel... This morning I woke up and had absolutely no energy left in me. I dragged myself out of bed, took a quick shower, loaded car with boxes and headed to the house. I needed to meet the a/c guy so he could do a checkup on all the equipment and make sure it's ready for the summer months. This is the only reason I got out of bed. By 12:30 I was ready to make my way back to the apartment, especially after I've been nursing a hurt tailbone (from lifting I'm sure). I'm not one to lay around even when I'm not feeling my best. So of course I get to the apartment and vacuumed, cleaned and baked cupcakes to take over to one of our new neighbors that had surgery on Monday.
Moving has really kicked my butt! I don't think moving is for people my age. The remembering of new addresses, phone numbers, people's names, places and learning your way around is causing my head to hurt! But, I am starting to see a glimmer of light in the distant road, and might possibly be getting closer to moving in the house. I can't wait for that day!
In the meantime, gotta find me some bottled energy somewhere...

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