29 n counting

29 years ago today I married a wonderful man and it has been a blast all along. I imagine the fun will continue cause there is never, and I mean never, a dull moment with Dan! What I love about him... first and foremost his sense of humor, then his kind heart (he has a HUGE one), his dedication and love for children, the fact that he's a remarkable father, he's very patient with me, and supportive of whatever I have ever wanted to attempt.
How we met...I'm walking past a group of guys on campus to get to my class and he asks..."are you the one working on the float tonight?" I answer yes and keep walking. (We were working on a float for the fair parade and kept making announcements for volunteers). So that night he shows up and well...we've been together ever since. Must add that he continued to come out and help work on the float every night for several days that when he finally took me to dinner at his folks, his dad said..."so that's the float you've been working on." I love that! LOL He called me the float for many years. Can't imagine being crazyier about any other guy than this one!

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