Happy Friday

My thoughts for today are to talk about an experience I had while on facebook yesterday. This tool has helped re-connect me with so many dear friends, but yesterday as I was checking my emails, I logged on for a few minutes to send some birthday wishes and I got a pop-up to chat with a dear friend we made along the way that is serving in Afghanistan. While we chatted for several minutes, I thought of what a wonderful world we live in that affords us this commodity and how my mom would have given anything to be able to have done the same when my brother was serving in Vietnam. To think that there was a time that communicating with your loved ones was not an option like it is today is sometimes hard to believe.
I remember what a big hole was left in her heart and life while he was gone. I was too small to know the significance of war but there were very visible signs of how she must have been feeling. And, she would have given anything...for just such a sweet moment!
For those of you serving, I can't say thank you enough for your sacrifice!

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