So as of today I have 9 more days in Angleton. Which brings me to feeling a little nostalgic of the memories, times, and people we have met in this area after having been here longer than I lived in my hometown. Wierd! Angleton, TX has been our home for 27 years and along the way we made some wonderful friends in the community and our church. Life has been good here.
I was driving around the other night to pick up some dinner when I ran into the parent of a child I used to buy mittens for in the winter- even though we don't see really cold temps around here. This child used to walk to school and she was a little bitty thing and always looked so cold in the winter. I knew her mom was a single parent and they didn't have much. So when I happened to be at the store I would always make my way to the mitten section and would buy her a new pair. Well she's now in middle school- wow, how time flies.
I thought about our dentist, who is not only our dentist but a dear friend that we stay in touch with, he loves listening to Jacob's music, always asks how the kids are, and takes very good care of us. He will always be "Doc" to us.
The community is made up of tight-knit families that care about what goes on here. When tragedy strikes they most definitely step up to help one another. For the most part, everyone knows everyone and when I first moved here, that took me a long time to get used to. The fact that everyone stays informed on whats going on.
But the hardest part about leaving is moving away from my three best friends in the whole world. We have shared so many wonderful times together, we've been through it all and I will miss running into them randomly and just getting together for chips n salsa, good/bad news updates, and our sonic runs. Thank goodness for emails and cell phones!!!
But the good thing is I will still be in my beloved Texas and therefore I won't fret too much!

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