Cool temps

17, 20, 21 & -17 ... those are the temperatures this morning! 17 for Dan, 20 for Jacob, 21 for me and -17 for Sarah---brrrr! Hope you're staying warm little one. This morning finds me trying to stay warm and indoors. So since I still have packing to do, I will be taking that task on along with sewing some custom window treatments for a client and my fall pumpkins so I can freeze them and use them for baking. I will use some today to fix a couple of pumpkin loaves. They will go nicely with a nice hot cup of my peach n passion fruit black tea. But speaking of tea...Republic of Tea which is a place I order tea from since all of us are big tea drinkers, they send a sample tea every time they send a catalog and the latest was strawberry chocolate. Well I am not fond of chocolate but I thought how bad can it be. Didn't like it! Something about that chocolate ruining the strawberry goodness in tea was a tad disappointing. So I dumped it out and made me another cup of one of my favs.
~stay warm, indoors and preferably with a cup of hot tea~ Enjoy this Friday!

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