Nutcracker Market is here...

for the past 14 years or so, my girlfriends and I anxiously make a trip to what has become one of our favorite shopping experiences as well as a time to officially set in motion the holiday frenzy... The Nutcracker Market! If you have never attended, you are missing out on an annual event that takes place each November in Houston. Hundreds of vendors from all over, setup shop to sell anything from holiday decor, foods, sweets, gifts, clothing, and so much more. This is "the place" to find out what will be "in" for the season. You can't go and not stand in line to "taste-test" all the goodies, like spinach tamales (my fav), the hot biscuits with honey butter spread, to-die-for toffee, and the numerous varieties of relishes and dips. My traditional buys from Nutcracker include: for the kids- their Christmas ornament, Dan- his favorite pecan bbq sauce and for me- whatever catches my attention and I can't seem to live without. I can't wait!

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