Memorial day weekend

On Memorial day we had great friends over for bbq, relaxing, visiting and catching up. Isn't it nice to be able to just relax with old friends? In this picture are Dan & Mark, (of course they didn't want to pose, so this is what I got), they have been friends for over 26 years and still remain very close & good friends. Unfortunately we don't get to see each other often as Mark & his wife live in Georgia. Notice Mark's UT shirt-can't quite get Texas outta him! Dan fixed a faulous brisket, I fixed a tossed cranberry green salad with homemade vinegar dressing, individual corn grit pudding, iced mint tea and key lime cheesecake for dessert. We had a lovely day and a great time!

We have a huge spread of mint in our garden and since we drink a lot of iced tea, I harvest the mint and make mint ice cubes to serve with it. Here is the process you can take to do that...
Pick your mint and wash and pat dry. Boil 2 c. water and prepare your ice cube trays. Place individual mint leaves in each cube space. Pour with hot boiling water and allow to cool completely. Then place in freezer. VoĆ­la! You have frozen mint cubes, perfect for your iced tea!

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