Heated Project

One of the projects I completed this summer was the deck.  It was faded and just plain sad looking.  I decided to paint it and give it some color.  As you know, summer was hot and humid and so it took me several days.  I just can't stand heat!  I actually thought I would never get done.  But perseverance always wins!  Now if it would only get cooler so I can entertain out there!!!  Planned on entertaining for Labor Day but Boo pulled his back so, it's been relaxing all weekend.
Deck AFTER...

The paint I used is an outdoor paint and will resist the elements for awhile anyway... but it sure is an improvement!  The color I chose was "steel grey" and the center square was "terracotta" then  I accented with turqouise, oranges, reds, greens and yellows.

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