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Jacob for awhile now, has been contemplating on some major decisions in regards to the band, the direction they were headed, and what he wants to be doing with his gift of music.  While the Ghosts were doing great and they were being recognized for their hard work, he felt it was time to move on or all the work that had been done would come to a sad halt.  For the sake of the band, and without compromising his talent and the reputation he has built in the music circle,  he felt the best thing to do was move forward and go in the path he feels he needs to go.  So, he has stepped away from the Ghosts and the band by choice.  Now, the next level.
He has always had a knack for knowing what he wants as far as the direction of his musical career, what he needs to do to make it happen and who he needs to help him get there.  With that said, I know it brings him great peace of mind knowing that he has always had our full support and blessing.  We know how hard he has worked for what he has achieved.  And, when you work so hard for something, you can't let it slip away.

Good things are fixin' to happen and we are excited right along with him!  How can you go wrong when you live and breathe music?  The worlds universal language!
We are in awe of his songwriting skills, his "gifted ears" and fingers, and his ability to know what kind of music to create.  So while he is no longer the Ghosts Along the Brazos...
stick around...cause he's workin' on something awesome!  And you know, it's gonna be good!!!
I think I should have no other mortal wants if I could always have plenty of music. It seems to infuse strength into my limbs and ideas into my brain. Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.
As quoted from George Bernard Shaw, but could just as well be describing my son!

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