Christmas message

I have been putting away some of my Christmas decor.  Not the tree yet- as I wait until New Year's...but when I saw this little hand towel that I've had for awhile but never really payed much attention to, I stopped and really focused on it.  What a great message...isn't it?  Because every year for the passed (I don't know how many, honestly), that I have not been to the Valley for Christmas...during that time of year I still wander back there because of the memories I have. The beautiful times growing up that my parents would do what they could to give us a wonderful Christmas.  The tamales cooking adventure on each Christmas Eve that took the entire day and then being able to enjoy them with all the family.  Watching Mama be so happy to have everyone there, whistling in the kitchen. Granny and all her fudge, peanut brittle and how I asked her every year to just do brittle without the peanuts (not a fan), and candy making. I miss those years and the time with family but when it comes to your own kids growing up and living away from home as well, it is very difficult to make the trek and arrangements without having the time to do it in and sometimes the funds.  Although we would love to be able to. Nevertheless, my heart always go home for Christmas...each and every year!

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