wow...this week is craZy! Lots happening each and every night and lots to get done.

  • Tonight Dan and I went to a fundraiser for CASA at a hidden spot I had neither heard about or been to. Royse City, a tiny little country town has this wonderful place called FISH CAMP! And being a coastal girl and having grown up around the best seafood ever, I really wasn't expecting much---but man, OH man! The fried fish ROCKED!!! I ate a lot and hours later am regretting having done so, but I couldn't help myself! LOL
It was packed in there-great turnout and I know they did very well as far as raising funds for a wonderful cause! Way to go ROCKwall/Kaufman county C.A.S.A.!
  • Wednesday night will find me at the first annual gathering for YoungLives. A wonderful organization that I will be directly volunteering for and I can't wait. Will tell you more later!
  • Thursday will be for cleaning house, bundling up all the decor for a lovely girls bridal shower.
  • Friday...my besties along with Sarah come into town for a wonderful weekend. The girls are hosting a bridal shower (along with Michelle Liner, Sarah's college roommate and matron of honor) and it will be awesome! I get to do the decorating and oh boy...right down my alley! Thanks girls for letting me do this~
  • Saturday...bridal brunch shower, along with some Dallas shopping with Sarah n Michelle in the afternoon and a nice dinner out.
Pictures and posts later after I get all settled down and unwound during the weekend!

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